Student Response System

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Student Response System – specialized for class interactions between students and teachers
Integrated with Microsoft powerpoint
Users can upload excel sheets for users binding/pairing at once
Configurable binding/unbinding of keypads as per user with participant ID and name
Users can Add/ Edit/ Delete Questions
Single-Choice and Multiple Choice Questions
Support Yes/No Questions
Support Audience Polling (Yes/ No)
Support Voting Response
Support Lifeline Response
Preset controlled participation Time
Quiz in powerpoint/slide-show-related softwares
Competition mode
Team Leader Board
Fates! responder with the correct Answer
Negative marking for questions
Option to set time & marks for each question
Report generation within the software
Report question-wise
Report participant-wise
Report Summary
Report Availability on Bar-chart format
Report Availability in Pie- chart format
Report availability in spread-sheet format
Compatible with Windows App
Cross-compatibility with any desktop/laptop systems

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