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When we set out to find a high quality, low latency 4 channel card for our new Wirecast Gear product, Magewell met all our needs. SDI, HDMI and price points that make for a truly customer-friendly integration.

telestram– Kenneth Bell – Desktop Channel Manager.

Magewell’s USB Capture Family Products are used in many major broadcasting companies in Japan. It’s a great advantage that the devices are PnP and can be used immediately when plugged in. The Pro capture Quad SDI transmits 4 SDI video signals simultaneously from the broadcasting station without delay, making it easy to do live broadcasting using IP in both directions.

EyeVision– Ishizawa Hitoshi , Project Manager of ENWA

Magewell capture card products are top notch quality and amazingly user friendly. Their capture cards supports single or multiple HDMI/SDI inputs and mostly just works right out of the box.

XSplit– Henrik Levring, SplitmediaLabs CEO

Magewell build reliable capture devices that work great with vMix. Many of our customers use Magewell in their live video productions with good results.

vMix– Tim, Operations Manager vMix

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