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Who invented the Shycocan Device?


How long did it take to design the Shycocan device and when was it built?

What are the tests conducted and certifications available for Shycocan?

How does The Shycocan work?


Does Shycocan kill the Coronavirus?

What are the viruses or diseases against which Shycocan is effective?

Does Shycocan affect bacteria, fungi, and other microbes?

Does Shycocan emit Photons or Electrons?


Does the Shycocan work indoors and outdoors?

What is the set up and installation process for The Shycocan?

What is the coverage area of the Shycocan?

How to setup the Shycocan device in larger spaces?

Will a single Shycocan device protect my entire house?

Where should the Shycocan be installed?

Does the effectiveness of the Shycocan reduce if the number of people in a given area increases?

How do I know if my Shycocan is working effectively?

Does Shycocan cure a Coronavirus affected patient?


Are there any side effects of Shycocan on humans, other living beings, or the environment?


Should people having any medical ailments avoid using the Shycocan?


What is the possibility of a person exposed to Shycocan contracting Coronavirus once they move beyond the device reach?

Can the photon rays emitted from Shycocan contaminate food or water?

Is it ok to keep windows and doors open in a room where a Shycocan is running?

What maintenance is required for a Shycocan device?


How many hours should I keep the Shycocan on? What is the electricity consumption?

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