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We Are Pixel Masterminds

Whether you need to build a state of art DI Grading, a new Server room, or need a cost effective storage solution for MEDIA – we can help.

Our team has many skills to offer for wide array of services
• Designing & setting up of DI Suite / Audio recording studio, PCR room & MCR room
• Analyzing existing workflow and provide suggestions/advice to optimize and improve production efficiency and reduce operational cost.
• AMC and Up-gradation of Existing Storage Media Equipments and renderfarms.
• ISO 20000/ ISO 9001: 2000/ ISO 27001/MPAA – Consultancy
• Implementation / Certification & Internal Audit – Identify Gaps & provide Recommendation.

Designing of DI Suite

We discuss and analyse customer requirements and provide end to end solution for the DI suite.

  • Preparing bill of materials
  • Advising for procurement
  • Supplying of the storages & servers and entire bill of materials
  • Installing and Integrating the equipment
  • Calibrating the display devices
  • Documenting the entire workflow process
  • And train the users

Sizing The Storage – Renderfarm

We discuss and analyze the customer workflow and provide NAS – SAN storage solution

  • Configuring the storage and optimizing the storage performance
  • Creating separate volumes and provide necessary access permission as per the workflow designed
  • Advise the required Renderfarm solution based on production software
  • Configuring the renderfarm as per the requirement and optimizing the utilization

Video Wall Solutions

Video wall instead of a single large screen can include the

  • ability to customize tile layouts
  • greater screen area per unit cost
  • greater pixel density per unit cost
  • reduce the economics of manufacturing single screens which are unusual in shape, size, or resolution.
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